INGIP invest d.o.o. is a Construction Project Management consultancy offering project management services to an extensive Client base. Our specialized expertise ensures successful completion of projects according to proposed and agreed programs, often reducing the duration of a traditional construction period. This results directly in savings on interest, escalation, resource costs and professional consultant fees leading to additional profit for the Client .


INGIP invest d.o.o. has consultancy offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The company was initally established to provide a professional project management and development service for the construction industry as a whole, with the principal activities being the sourcing, structuring and execution..


INGIP invest is dedicated to the provision of construction project management consultancy services to mostly private sector Clients in Slovenia and in last years international investors. The Project Management services we provide have been developed over many years to give you the highest possible levels of certainty and the full support of an award-winning team with an exceptional track record of delivering success for our Clients.



Miha Schäffer has 15 years of experience in Development and Project Management across a wide range of projects and a width scope of general knowledge of all construction trade (such as carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, mechanical, etc.) as well of experience working in a commercial real estate environment.


Our services vary from Client advisory,  ''watching briefs'', meaning we're committed and responsible to provide that the whole process is performed properly, to full Project Management Services and Project Co-ordination from project inception to commissioning and completion.

  • Proven ability to lead a technical staff to achieve the business objective

  • Excellent cross office and remote team management skills

  • Excels in coaching new team members an help them reach their full potential

  • excels in working directly with the client to identifying the real project problem and indentifying the best solution

  • Educate and Support environment friendly products, services and practise


Property Management, Residential and Commercial Inspections, Quality Control, Operations, Service management, Customer Service Management, Construction /Project Management, General maintenance skills as hands-on repair capability, Experience in conducting building inspetions, correcting deficiencies and follow-up.

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